How to List

BEE4 provides a new fundraising alternative to boost the growth of future large companies, in a safe and transparent environment, and guides candidate companies in this process.

Listing Prerequisites

Annual Revenue
Annual Revenue
The company must have earned between BRL 10 million and BRL 300 million in the previous year. Participation in an organized market requires greater maturity in management and business governance
Operating Time
Operating Time
It is mandatory that the company has been operational for at least 12 months, the minimum period for investors to be able to analyze its characteristics and historical results
Independent Audit
Independent Audit
It is a regulatory requirement that the company's figures undergo an independent audit carried out by a specialized institution authorized by the CVM, the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission

Why list your company on BEE4?

Capital to Grow
A new financing alternative, via shares listing, to accelerate your company
Market Exposure
Listed on an organized market, your company gains more visibility and attracts more investors
Ease to Capture
By being part of BEE4, your company can make new issues over time to continue growing
Reference in Best Practices
The listing indicates that the company has better levels of governance and organizational maturity

Listing Step by Step

Step 1

Select and engage a BEE4 accredited listing consultant. They will guide your company throughout the journey: helping with the application for registration, the collection of documents, the organization of governance, and the first reports to investors.

Listing Step by Step
Listing Step by Step

Step 2

Hire a bookkeeper authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and accredited by BEE4. They will be responsible for consolidating your company’s corporate information, including the change in ownership of assets, and for managing the handling of corporate events.

Step 3

Now you can start the process of requesting a public offering on Beegin and listing on BEE4. At this stage, you will have the support of the listing consultant and legal advice to send the documentation.

Step 4

Upon delivery of document information, the listing consultant performs due diligence to ensure that everything complies with the standards required by beegin (initial offering) and BEE4 (tokenization and trading of shares in the secondary market).


Step 5

With the approval of the registration request by Beegin and BEE4, the company starts the fundraising phase at beegin. Succeeding in the fundraising phase increases investor interest in the stock when it starts trading on BEE4.

Listing Step by Step
Listing Step by Step

Step 6

Once the beegin offer is concluded, the list of investors and their shares in the company are sent to BEE4 and to the bookkeeper. BEE4 tokenizes the shares, investors receive their tokens in digital wallets and the listing date is defined.