BEE4's project is among the most pioneering in the world, an initiative with the potential to legitimize the use of blockchain in infrastructures of regulated markets.



What is a Token?

A Token is a digital asset created on a decentralized and encrypted blockchain network.

  • In the BEE4 model, tokens are digital representations of the shares of listed companies, that is, digital assets backed by book-entry shares of these companies.
  • In our trading environment, investors buy and sell tokens, exchanges of ownership take place, and these records remain recorded and immutable on the network, providing more security and authenticity to transactions


Blockchain as Infrastructure

The use of blockchain brings more efficiency in the reconciliation processes of the various flows of information, messages and validations, in addition to reducing costs with integrations and increasing the security of records.


How is it used in BEE4?

At BEE4, blockchain is used both in the tokenization of shares and in the registration of negotiations and the control of asset ownership, bringing efficiency to the entire operation.

Quorum Permissioned Blockchain (Ethereum protocol)

Quorum Permissioned Blockchain (Ethereum protocol)

BEE4’s infrastructure is built on a permissioned network. That is, a private network, formed by validators or consultation nodes, represented by participants of the BEE4 ecosystem.

Quorum Permissioned Blockchain gives BEE4 the ability to grow and operate blockchain networks at scale. The application is developed using Ethereum protocols, which support the growth needs of the organized market ecosystem.