Integrating SMEs on the Path to Sustainable Development


ESG is a very current topic for the Brazilian Capital Market ecosystem. Its three pillars – Environmental, Social, and Governance – reflect guidelines for addressing historical challenges of organizations, concepts that are increasingly gaining relevance in light of the greater appreciation for sustainable principles and best practices to build a better, fairer, and more equitable future.

Considering that the term ESG encompasses these three pillars, it is natural that each company, depending on the profile of its activities, initially stands out more in one or two than necessarily all. For example, BEE4, as a market for trading stocks of SMEs, stands out more in the ‘Governance’ and ‘Social’ fronts due to the impacts generated by this new market, rather than in the ‘Environmental’ aspect, although it also has projects in this direction.

Facilitating the initial public offerings of promising SMEs and attracting investors to trade these stocks, BEE4 has the potential to generate further growth for the Brazilian economy. Companies listing in a regulated environment aim to take higher leaps and commit to adopting good governance practices and reporting their results quarterly. This way, they build relationships with the market, grow, undertake new offerings (follow-ons), and along this path, create more jobs.

Operating in this segment, we have a significant opportunity in our hands: Encouraging listed companies to invest in good practices to promote growth in an ethical and sustainable manner. We believe that incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) concepts into a company’s management culture isn’t something that needs to happen only when it has already become large; it can be developed over time, and BEE4 is ready to support its listed companies in this process.

Our Commitment

Our foremost commitment lies in extending the best ESG practices far beyond BEE4, reaching and contributing to the evolution of our entire ecosystem, reflecting in the development of our nation.

Impact for SMEs

The issuing companies will have the opportunity to enhance their ESG practices through various initiatives. Today, it's already possible to measure the level of ESG maturity, and soon, BEE4 will launch its first ESG Best Practices Guide for SMEs and HuBEE4, a solutions hub to support the development of these businesses.
Contrary to popular belief, many companies that excel in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance also demonstrate higher financial profitability. A study conducted by Bain in partnership with EcoVadis, for instance, suggests that aside from benefiting the planet and society, ESG activities are linked to stronger revenue growth and higher EBITDA margins. However, reaching this point often requires shifting away from seeking immediate returns and instead establishing solid foundations for structured returns over time.
By adopting an ESG approach while still SMEs, companies stand out in the market. Sustainable businesses increasingly attract institutional investors and individual investors as well, forward-thinking investors who have already understood the economic impacts generated by companies that become robust by aligning with these practices.

ESG Maturity Level

Through the C-MORE platform, a European ESGtech company, BEE4 offers a complimentary assessment aimed at measuring the ESG maturity level of companies listed in its market, enabling SMEs to devise action plans and conduct their businesses in a more strategically sustainable manner.


The analysis is conducted through a questionnaire, where five ESG fronts will be assessed: local action, principled business, leadership commitment, strengthening society, and reporting progress.

Market Diagnosis

The diagnosis will provide inputs for companies to analyze, develop strategies, and implement measures that may contribute to their sustainable growth

ESG Seal

Companies that opt for the diagnosis will soon receive a BEE4 seal, showcasing their commitment to the issue. Participation is voluntary, and the results are confidential.

UN Global Compact in Brazil

We support the mission of the United Nations Global Compact to ‘enable a sustainable global movement of businesses and stakeholders to create the world we want.’

BEE4 joined the UN Global Compact in Brazil in July 2023, an initiative of the United Nations to mobilize the business community in adopting and promoting, in their business practices, Ten Principles universally accepted in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. With the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Compact also took on the mission of engaging the private sector in this new agenda.

Our commitment is to make the UN Global Compact and its ten principles part of our business strategy, operations, and organizational structure.


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